Tasting Room Closed (for now)

We are in the process of moving the tasting room from the winery in Anadarko to Forbidden Fruits Farm in Cyril (much closer to I-44). The Tasting Room in Anadarko will be closed until the Cyril Tasting Room is open. Please watch this space for updates. If you want to pick up wine or your wine club shipment, call me, Alexis, at 40-247-3000. I can meet you there by appointment. Thanks for your patience as we move into much nicer space!

Moving the Tasting Room to Cyril

Starting in November, Oklahoma wineries will be allowed to get licensed to have “satellite tasting rooms.” We are going to take advantage of the new law by moving our tasting room from Anadarko to Cyril.

Cyril might not sound any more convenient to you, but whereas Anadarko is 30 miles from the nearest interstate (I-44, aka H.E. Bailey Turnpike), Cyril is only 4 miles from I-44! Also, Cyril is only 10 miles from Elgin. We think you’ll love our new location and our new space!

We conducted a survey of our customers by text this week and we got great feedback about what you’d like to see in a tasting room. Comfy seats, outdoor seating, and a tasting room located in the vineyards were at the top of the list. We will make sure to have those!

We still need to get our license and build the tasting room, but it is our plan to be opening the first week of November, so watch this space for updates!

Things I Love about Oklahoma: Small World

I am not a native of Oklahoma, so I notice things that native Oklahomans like my husband might not notice, or might think are "normal." One of those things that I constantly notice and love is the connectedness of Oklahomans.

Growing up in a Greek Family (a big, fat, Greek family), I knew connectedness; Greek society is very connected. When I graduated from college and moved to New York City (from Chicago), I thought I would be outside the connected circle, and I would be able to live my life without my mother necessarily knowing what I was up to (not that it was anything horrible). At that age, I wanted less connectedness. I quickly found that somehow, through the Greek grapevine, my mother could still tell me on Sunday night (when long-distance was cheap) that she had heard I was out with so-and-so on Friday night. I learned being "connected" wasn't about technology or posts. It was about knowing people who knew you at least a little bit.

My sister, who still lives in Chicago, was at a giant travel and adventure trade show at McCormick Place (think all the buildings of the Oklahoma State Fair Park under one roof) in Chicago, and saw a booth for the Chickasaw Nation, so she approached and mentioned that her sister lived in Oklahoma. The representative from Chickasaw Nation knew exactly where Cyril is, and he was familiar with the winery, and had enjoyed our wines.

My sister, who I have been trying to convince to move to God's Country for most of the five years that I have lived here, got a taste of the connectedness of Oklahoma. Gotta love this place!


Custom Labeled wine for Weddings and Special Events

Do you have a special event coming up? Would custom-labeled wine make it extra special? We are happy to accommodate you. Here's how it works:

You give us a high-res digital file (usually by email). You select the wine you'd like to purchase (minimum one case of one variety). We'll create custom labels for the wine. There is a $25 charge for setting up each different label you want to create (notice that there are two different types of wine in the photo above, so that is two different labels), then we charge $2/bottle on top of the regular full price of the wine.

Please allow 2 weeks.

New Wine Release: Parasol

We are excited that we've receive label approval for another great summertime wine! Parasol, our new peach and apricot-infused chardonnay, is just what you need to enjoy a cool breeze in the shade of a big tree! Don't worry about where you put the cork, you won't be needing it! Because of the way the distribution system works in Oklahoma, it won't be in liquor stores for a couple months. So, you'll have to come visit us to pick yours up! Label art by Olivia Enriquez.

Parasol center panel.jpg

Charity Wine Auction

We are very excited to announce a Charity Wine Auction on June 18 at 5pm (that is the same night as the Murder Mystery Dinner). All money raised will go to "Readers are Leaders," a Cyril-based charity that brings the love of reading to preschool-aged children by offering story time, giving them board books to take home, and coaching their mothers on reading at home.

Auction STARTS at 5pm. Bidding starts at $3 for each bottle. I can assure you that some of these are worth $60. None are horrible, but some are better than others. All are guaranteed drinkable!

Come join us for a fun event for a worthy cause!

Festivals We're Attending

It is festival season in Oklahoma! Look for us at the following festivals! If you know of a festival you think we should attend, please email me: alexis @ woods and waters winery . com (leave out the spaces).

June 4: Made in Oklahoma Wine, Beer, and Food Festival in Midwest City

June 11: Historic Route 66 Wine and Food Festival in Stroud

June 11: Lavender Festival in Apache (at Lavender Valley Acres

July 2: Honor America Day in Anadarko

September 3: Postoak Lodge Wine & Jazz Festival in Tulsa

Announcing New Year's Eve Dinner!

I thought I was going to explode keeping that a secret for so long! We are super excited to invite you to ring in the New Year with us! We have two seatings, since not everyone really wants to be on the road (or even conscious) at midnight. Our chef is ironing out the menu, which we'll be announcing soon. We're serving a 5-course paired dinner. Each course comes with a demi-glass of wine, so you can enjoy your evening and still drive home. We'll also have a professional photographer available to take your portrait while you're all gussied up.  Also, we'll have Sweet Dreams back in stock tomorrow! Just in time for Thanksgiving!

Woohoo! New Blog!

Aren't blogs always easy to start? So much fun! Until the reality of producing regular content sinks in. Fortunately, at Woods & Waters Winery, we have so much going on, we'll never be short of content.

"Like what?" You ask? We bottled three wines that were out of stock just last week. If you have been waiting to purchase your Merlot, Chocolate Cabernet, or Fire Wine, come on in! We have some in stock. 

What else? We have white zinfandel that we had cold stabilizing (part of our process for whites and blushes), which will be ready to bottle in the next week or so.

Also, one more thing... so exciting. I WISH I COULD TELL YOU!!! But can't. Sorry. Soon. I promise. Soon!!!