Easy Reunions

Hosting a reunion? We can help! We can accommodate up to 120 people inside our event center, plus there's an outside patio with tables (in season). And just a few yards away are our beautiful vineyards for a quiet walk and great photos!

won't it be fun to see your old friends?

won't it be fun to see your old friends?

Risk Free

As a reunion organizer-- whether it's a family, a school, or some other group you are reuniting -- you are tasked with pulling this off, but usually without any budget! Many facilities and restaurants want a deposit or a facility fee. We don't require either of the above.

Look forward to connecting with old friends without any of the hassle of collecting money!

Call us at 405-247-3000 to learn more and book a date!


Turnkey Event

Once you give us a date, we'll put together a package for you, priced per person. We sell the tickets for your reunion directly from our site. We'll give you a short link that you can share on your Facebook Reunion page, through Evite, or however you are communicating with the people you've invited.

Email us at alexis@woodsandwaterswinery.com to learn more and book a date!


Look Like a Rock Star

We'll even provide a PA system that you can plug your 8-track tape system into -- or smart phone, if you've upgraded -- so that you can play your music from back in the day!

We can also arrange to have a microphone for making whatever announcements you need to make -- just ask! Everything but alcohol is included in our package. We'll provide a cash bar so you won't have any surprises at the end of the night!

You'll look like a Rock Star for putting this together. But be warned, they may make you chairman of the reunion committee next time, because you made it look so easy!

Message us on Facebook for more information and to book a date:  https://www.facebook.com/Woodsandwaters/